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Valerie Fowler, MFT, IMH

Marriage and Family Therapist

“Every time I talk to you something positive shifts in my family. Your voice and

your calmness

automatically feel safe.”

San Anselmo client



              I am a Marin-based clinician who provides positive support to people with relational issues, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and post-traumatic or chronic stress. My therapeutic approach integrates developmental stages, affect regulation, somatic interventions, creative expression and relational dynamics in attachment. 

I have nearly two decades of experience, including several years at a pediatric hospital, and I bring a compassionate, engaging presence, and creative problem-solving, to my clients, groups and talks. 

                          I collaborate with parents, caregivers and teachers who care for infants, children, tweens and teens. The heart of my work is to help people understand both their own needs and their children's, and to help them come together and find more cooperation and joy.

I also work with adults on current challenges, life transitions, parenting struggles, depression and trauma. Connecting with a trusted person allows us to access our emotions. When we can express our vulnerability to someone who can hold it, we can move our feelings forward; this can elicit change in our lives, and in the way we approach our families and partners.


“ Valerie is a wonderful combination of deep knowledge, experience and warm compassionate listening. She is a natural born collaborator who brings her considerable years of experience to bear, yet has an innate ability to approach each situation with fresh eyes. Valerie is incredibly respectful in her approach. When I circle back with her to check in,
it always feels like picking up with a wise friend. "

San Francisco client


I am available for individual, group and family sessions, and speaking engagements 


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